Tinderbox Orchestra sneak into Broughton High…

As 15 musicians of the Tinderbox Orchestra arrived quietly one by one to sign in at the reception of Broughton High School. I’m not sure anybody knew of the explosion of symphonic sounds that was about to errupt from the assembly hall. With 45 minutes to set up, sound check and run a new tune, before 120 S1 and S2 pupils arrived to fill the seats, it was all go!
We were there to let pupils know about tinderbox music opportunities in their local area as part of a recruitment push for our Tuesday night hub at North Edinburgh Art Centre. From simple song writing and guitar chords to rap vocals of a scientific nature with orchestral flurries of cello and oboe, pumped up by drums & bass, the music spoke for itself. 
If you didn’t already get involved conducting the orchestra on the day, come along to North Edinburgh Arts in Muirhouse 6 – 8pm and see what it’s all about!
Thanks again to the music team at Broughton high for inviting us in!

– Niki Dunne, Lead Tutor