Howdenhall & the ‘Springimajig’

Jed, Luci & Elek have been working alongside the young people at Howdenhall and getting creative is all sorts of ways!

Luci has been working with the ‘Springimajig’ (home made touch synthesizer). They are also building their own synths & designing their own platform game.

Jed has been helping them to compose a piece for the orchestra using the ‘Medley’ app. Pupils have also been producing their own tracks using the ‘Launchpad’ app – styles ranging from drum & bass to deep house. 

Elek has been writing rap with them. Themes include: food, football, differences between Scotland & America and modern-day youth/gang culture. Next week they will unite music and lyrics & modify where necessary!

Thanks to Howdenhall staff who are always so welcoming & helpful, and the Howdenhall young people – creating a terrific variety of music & lyrics & expressing their individuality!