Gaming for Health, Education & Wellbeing

Tue 23rd Feb, 13:00 – 14:00 (GMT)

Panel Talk (Zoom Event)
Gaming for Health, Education & Wellbeing

Sponsored by Codebase

Dr Carla Brown (Game Doctor)
Elena Höge (Yaldi Games)
Clare Duffy (Civic Digits Theatre Company)
Max Scott-Slade (Glitchers)

Chaired by: Brian Baglow (Scottish Games Network)

What can games do for education and wellbeing? Join leading industry experts Dr Carla Brown (Game Doctor), Elena Höge (Yaldi Games), Clare Duffy (Civic Digits Theatre Company), and Max Scott-Slade (Glitchers) discussing their experience in gamifying learning methods for the development and wellbeing of children & families, as well as games for supporting health, with Brian Baglow of the Scottish Games Network.

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Brian Baglow
Brian is a writer, games and narrative designer, serial entrepreneur and university lecturer. He started his career in the games industry at the legendary Scottish studio DMA Design, as a writer designer for games including Grand Theft Auto, Body Harvest and Tanktics, before discovering a talent for PR, communications and marketing.

Twitter: @flackboy

Dr Carla Brown

Carla completed her PhD in microbiology at University of Glasgow that focused on developing novel antibiotics from gut bacteria. Following her PhD Carla worked at several universities and museums designing interactive games and educational apps on antibiotics, infectious disease and science. She now is founder and CEO of Game Doctor Ltd, a Scottish company that develops data-driven games  for use in health interventions and education.



Twitter: @gamedrltd

Instagram: @gamedoctoruk


Elena Höge
Elena is passionate about blending learning and fun into meaningful entertainment. She founded Yaldi Games, a startup game developer working on their first title: “Wholesome – Out and About”, an open-world life simulator about nature, cooking and crafting. 

Twitter: @yaldigames
Facebook: @wholesomegame
Instagram: @yaldigames

Clare Duffy
Civic Digits Theatre Company blends digital technology, gaming and live performance to create innovative and interactive theatre, and questions what it means to be a digital human in the 21st century. At the heart of everything we do, is our aim to create a digital future where we all can flourish. We aim to be an intersectionally-feminist organisation and we want to encourage young women to explore STEM subjects and careers.

The company was founded in 2018 by award-winning playwright Clare Duffy, after a chance meeting with ethical hacker, Rupert Goodwins. Civic Digits’ first production is The Big Data Show, telling the story of the first prosecuted hack in the UK (which was by Rupert Goodwins).

Twitter: @civicdigits

Max Scott-Slade
Since founding his first games studio in 2007, Max has gone on to release over 30 titles including the critically acclaimed Plunderland and The Heist series (250 million plays). He’s brought his infectious energy and creativity to commercial gaming projects with partners including Coca Cola, Warner Brothers, Channel 4 and Deutsche Telekom.

In 2013 Max co-founded Glitchers with the intention of building games that have impact and value beyond entertainment. He’s been doing this most recently in the field of healthcare and fintech whilst winning countless awards along the way. Max also loves typography, cycling and is big fan of socially conscious games.

Twitter: @glitchers 
Instagram: @glitchersgames
Twitter: @maxscottslade


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