Zine-making & Interactive Art Workshop: With James Morwood (Biome Collective)

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Wed 24th Feb, 13:00 – 16:00 (GMT)

Workshop (Zoom Event)

Zine-making & Interactive Art Workshop with James Morwood (Biome Collective)

Price £10/£5 (conc)

If you are on low income please get in touch at admin@tinderboxcollective.org to ask about free spaces

Play the zines made!

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Make a small zine game book that takes readers on an adventure simply by turning the pages to make different choices. With a short introduction on how to fold your own zine and what you might take inspiration from as well as the opportunity to share your zine with others attending the workshop. Everybody is welcome and no previous experience is required!

Age: 16+

This workshop is held via a Zoom Call and spaces are limited – please register to attend

You’ll need:

Paper (one sheet of plain A4 is fine but whatever you have should work)

Something to draw/write with


Computer/laptop & internet access to join the workshop


James Morwood

James loves experimenting with strange and playful creations as a member of Biome Collective as well as one of the game makers at Bit Loom who recently released their debut game PHOGS!. 

James has also organised regular Zine Jams including jams at A Maze. festival in Berlin, Arcadia festival in Dundee and an orange-based ‘Marmalade’ jam at Feral Vector in Hebden Bridge along with the amazing Claire Morwood. Throughout 2020/2021 these have become Virtual Zine Jams with an emphasis on relaxing in your own space and participating without a video call.

Twitter: @jctwizard | @zine_city


Biome Collective
Biome Collective is a creative studio, community and co-working space for people to create, collaborate and explore new frontiers in games, digital art and technology.

We create world class interactive and multi sensory experiences for global audiences. Our unique and accessible games, interventions and installations span across digital, physical and cultural spaces.

Biome Collective attracts diverse independent creative minds and facilitates collaborative projects with partners from the arts, academia, games and business to respond to technological and cultural challenges through unique work that ranges from the delightful to the complex.

Website: biomecollective.com
Twitter: @biomecollective

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