Beyond Parasocial Interaction: Speed Dating with Ghosts

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Thu 25th Feb, 20:00 – 21:00 (GMT)

Beyond Parasocial Interaction: Speed Dating for Ghosts 

with Gabriel Elvery

Zoom Event: Talk & Let’s Play

Have you cared for a virtual pet, mourned a favourite character, or agonised over which video game character to date? If so, this event is for you! This talk, followed by interactive gameplay, will explore our emotional attachments to imaginary characters and consider their implications on our relationship with technology.

Suitable for anyone interested in creative technology, completely new to game design, and experienced game designers with an interest in learning new approaches and critical theories.

Content Warning: Contains frank discussions of death and its consequences, both seriously and with intentional humour.

For ages 15+

This is a talk and interactive Let’s Play, held via a Zoom Call. The audience will be given the opportunity to join in with the Let’s Play via the chat function.

Gabriel Elvery

Gabe is an LKAS PhD funded researcher at the University of Glasgow and Vice Editor of Press Start Journal. Gabe is researching the effects of Fantasy in single-player, narrative-driven video games. Their project will explore whether its effective use facilitates affective engagement with digital fantasy worlds and whether this digital affect has the potential to impact the emotional wellbeing of players in their off-screen lives. Gabe’s research will develop a new kind of reader reception theory by investigating whether literary analysis of video games has practical applications and corresponds with the experiences of players. The end result will make available a fuller understanding of the affordances, implications and impact of the Digital Fantastic.

Twitter: @DigiFantastic

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