Tinderbox Cafes

The Tinderbox Cafes were online peer-to-peer sessions organised by members of Tinderbox at the beginning of lockdown. They involved open-mics, musical editing and arrangement sessions, drawing sessions and Quiznights, and were an amazing way to stay in touch and keep creative!

Arranging Group

A number of people in the Tinderbox Orchestra have been meeting up and working on some new arrangements to play during our online Sunday rehearsals.

The group have arranged a great version of Whitney Houston’s 1987 dance-pop classic, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, and have some new arrangements in the pipeline.

Arranging music together online has presented some interesting challenges. Each member of the group took on a specific section of the orchestra (e.g. Woodwinds, Strings, Brass, etc.) and worked on their parts over the course of the week, consolidating them during the arranging sessions and fitting them all together.

It was hard to know what other people were creating, and the variations in melody and rhythm throughout the parts created some interesting harmonies and new ways to approach the arrangement.

The orchestra have been working hard to rehearse the arrangement over the last month and a recording will hopefully be ready soon for everyone to listen to, and the group has some exciting new ideas for future projects to work on with the orchestra!

Drawing Group


The drawing group began at the beginning of lockdown as a weekly session where people in Tinderbox could sit together virtually and do some drawing or make artwork, outside of our music rehearsals.

We have taken inspiration for our drawings from things we have seen or enjoyed during lockdown, and have also worked together with the Tinderbox Lab to create some drawings for a level of their game called ‘Chase Out the Bug’ that was based around images of falling food.

The group has been a great way to connect with each other from across the country, and keep creative during lockdown!


Quiz Nights!

The ‘Music Quiz Night’ has taken place roughly once a month as a fun, social activity during lockdown. It also gave us the chance to show off some of our more ‘niche’ (some may say useless) music knowledge.

So far, they have been a great success, filled with lots of laughter, a few passionate debates regarding ABBA songs, and have left us questioning whether or not ‘Quiztina Aguilera’- our reigning champs- will ever be beaten.

5. Liam
1. Claire