Creative Spotlight: Sonia Killmann

Sonia Killmann is a sound artist and saxophone player from Belgium, currently completing a postgraduate degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Inspired by composers such James Tenney and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, she has been exploring the various ways in which sound can be perceived. After taking part in a sound workshop led by Edu Comelles (Audiotalia) in 2018, she started mainly focusing on field recordings.

In addition, she is a committee member of the non-profit festival organisation Sound Thought and has collaborated with Scottish Ballet dancers and filmmakers on some of her electronic compositions. She’s been part of the Tinderbox Collective for some time, and the Tinderbox Lab in particular has had a huge impact on her creative work by enabling her to work with others creatives and broaden her horizons with its “thinking-outside-the-box attitude”.

As she spends most of her free time recording sounds, she’s built up a huge sound library and is currently working on publishing her field recordings as sample libraries, available to the public royalty free.

She has recently released a sample pack featuring sounds of ice melting and cracking that were captured with a hydrophone, and plans to release more for use by producers and music makers. She is also currently working on her first ambient EP, featuring her work as a field recording artist.

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