Creative Spotlight: Matthew Tulloch

Ever since I was young, music has been my first love. I started writing raps and playing guitar in Primary School, which was always an escape from problems at home. After school I enrolled in college to do sound production where I learned how to make beats and record music. I finished my 4th year with a HND in summer 2020.

During these years I worked to buy equipment such as mics and interfaces,  and began making music at home. Pilton, where I come from, has a lot of crime, which heavily affects the standard lifestyle of many of us around here, and has become the way a lot of my friends have chosen or ended up living. Having music has helped keep me off the streets and stay focused on a straight life, even when times are hard and the temptation is always there, the music gave me a way and a reason to try for a better life.

This is my debut album and is the culmination to date of the last 4 years spent dedicated to learning and making my music. The lyrics are a combination of my philosophies on life, showing my skills at wordplay and rhyming, and helping me deal with some situations in my life. It’s also a combination of beats that are different styles and genres that I enjoy listening to and creating.

I have greatly enjoyed working with Tinderbox. They have given me many opportunities, which I am very grateful for, to gain experience in sound engineering, performing live and promoting my own music. A few of the projects we do are in the area I am from so it is very satisfying working with the kids. Hearing how the kids enjoy the music for the music gave me a refreshed view on making music and definitely influenced my writing.

Have a listen to Mercurius’ new album ‘Progression of Thoughts’, and check out what else he’s been up to on Soundcloud and Facebook.