James Morwood


Wed 24th Feb, 13:00 – 16:00 (GMT)

Speaker (Workshop)
Zine-making & Interactive Art Workshop with James Morwood of Biome Collective

James loves experimenting with strange and playful creations as a member of Biome Collective as well as one of the game makers at Bit Loom who recently released their debut game PHOGS!. 

James has also organised regular Zine Jams including jams at A Maze. festival in Berlin, Arcadia festival in Dundee and an orange-based ‘Marmalade’ jam at Feral Vector in Hebden Bridge along with the amazing Claire Morwood. Throughout 2020/2021 these have become Virtual Zine Jams with an emphasis on relaxing in your own space and participating without a video call.

Website: biomecollective.com
Twitter: @jctwizard | @zine_city | @biomecollective

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