Lauren Watson

I am an MPhil Research student at the University of Glasgow, following my interest in the field of video game studies that I gained during my undergraduate degree in film and television studies. My masters project on fandom and games preservation came about from years of interest in video game modding, repairing older consoles and game emulation. My love for retro-games and computers themselves probably started as a kid when my dad and I kept having to repair our Windows 95 PC to play 3D Realms games! The enthusiasm in gaming fandoms for preserving even the rarest games of the 1990s and 2000s era has been a great drive for me in my research as I strongly believe even the most niche communities of the internet have great insights into contemporary online culture. Being able to research a subject I have loved for so many years, as well as one that needs so much critical attention and research, is a privilege that I hope to continue working on for many years to come.

Twitter: @polarframe

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