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This video is part of a series of PlayAway Conversations with people working outside of the games sector about games, creativity and the crossovers between real-world and online environments.

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PlayAway Conversation

with Kate Wimpress & Genevieve Kay-Gourley, from North Edinburgh Arts

Kate Wimpress is the Director of North Edinburgh Arts and Chair of Scotland’s Regeneration Forum (SURF).

Genevieve Kay-Gourley is the Depute Director of North Edinburgh Arts.  

North Edinburgh Arts (NEA) is a purpose built cultural centre offering local residents a place to relax, explore, learn, meet, volunteer and have fun. Our award winning venue incorporates two studios, a 96 seat theatre, recording studio, gallery, offices and a ​café​ with children’s play area leading onto a ​large garden​. It is loved by the local community attracting over​ 34,000 visits​ last year.

Over​ 30 hours of creative activities​ are on offer each week, most with a family focus, alongside a wide range of other events such as exhibitions, dance shows, circus skills workshops, community theatre, poetry readings and film clubs. We are also home to Muirhouse Link Up and ​Tinderbox Orchestra​.

Through partnership working and ongoing local and city consultation the award-winning centre, opened in 2002 acts as the cultural centre of the community, providing a safe, enjoyable and creative environment for people of all ages to relax and develop within.

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