Kate Wimpress

Kate Wimpress

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A Conversation with Kate Wimpress

Part of PlayAway Conversations
A series of conversations with people working outside of the games industry about games, creativity and the crossovers between real-world and online environments.

Kate has worked for arts organisations and local authorities across Northern Ireland and Scotland since 1990. Currently Director of North Edinburgh Arts (NEA), the organisation provides opportunities for individual and community development through contact with the professional arts. NEA is active in the local regeneration process, advocating the role of the artist and creativity as positive forces within the dynamic of a community in flux. Alongside this Kate is Chair of Scotland’s Regeneration Forum (SURF), sits on the Board of Tinderbox Orchestra and North Edinburgh Childcare. In August 2019 Kate was appointed as Convener of the first Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland.


North Edinburgh Arts (NEA)

Our award winning venue incorporates two studios, a 96 seat theatre, recording studio, gallery, offices and a ​café​ with children’s play area leading onto a ​large garden​. It is loved by the local community attracting over​ 34,000 visits​ last year. Read our highlights of 2019 ​here​.

Over​ 30 hours of creative activities​ are on offer each week, most with a family focus, alongside a wide range of other events such as exhibitions, dance shows, circus skills workshops, community theatre, poetry readings and film clubs. We are also home to Muirhouse Link Up and ​Tinderbox Orchestra​. 

Through partnership working and ongoing local and city consultation the award-winning centre, opened in 2002 acts as the cultural centre of the community, providing a safe, enjoyable and creative environment for people of all ages to relax and develop within.

Website: northedinburgharts.co.uk

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