SCOREscotland Songwriting Sessions!

Over the last term, Jed and Claire from Tinderbox ran a songwriting project online via Zoom to the amazing young people of SCORE Scotland. Along with Harry from SCORE, we met every Wednesday night and by the end of the project, had managed to create a really wonderful and unique song together.  

The sessions usually started with a dance and a question of the week before moving onto our open mic section of the evening. Throughout the weeks, we had some amazing music performances and dance routines, saw some wonderful artwork created by the participants and had our knowledge tested by some riddles. We also had the opportunity to listen to some incredible poetry by Leen- one of the participants. We found her poem so creative and thought-provoking that we decided to incorporate it into our song. 

Using Leen’s poem as inspiration and the chat box in Zoom, we began to work together to finish the song’s lyrics whilst Jed helped us pick the style of the song by playing different genres on his guitar. 

We then had Matthew (aka Mercurius) come in to expertly rap Leen’s poem for us whilst I added a bit of vocals to go along with Jed’s very cool harmonies on the final mixed track. 

I’m sure I can speak for the whole team when I say we had SO MUCH FUN with the participants from SCORE and absolutely love to see some of them continuing their music making by coming to our Online Music School on a Saturday morning.

Listen Here >>>