Music at The Hospital for Sick Children

A few months ago, I was asked if I would like to join some of my wonderful, fellow Tinderbox musicians and do some music sessions at the Sick Kids Hospital.

As things are only just getting less restricted, I was a bit unsure of how the sessions would run- luckily I had Rhys to show me how it’s done. I was able to shadow him for a session and we had SO MUCH FUN. We duet-ed loads of different styles of songs, visited and performed in different wards and even had a sing and dance along with the nurses!

In my first session without Rhys, I was nervous! I was unsure about what music I should play or how to ask people if they even wanted music. I was worried about playing too many songs or being too loud until I walked into a ward and met two 5 year old girls. We decided to form a girl band (as someone who DREAMED of being a Spice Girl, this was very exciting for me) and we  danced, sang and then debated the best character from ‘Frozen’ and it was wonderful.

Another memorable session was when I gave a baby in the PICU one of our shakers to shake whilst I played and sang some songs. She held onto it for so long that I almost ran out of songs (!) and when I came back the next week, her Grandma had gotten her, her own!

I think what I have learned so far through these sessions is that each week is so different and that you really can’t plan what’s going to happen- which, although slightly daunting, is really exciting! I’m really looking forward to fully finding my feet with it and to continue to share wonderful moments through music!

By Claire Docherty


Claire Docherty and Rhys Gilchrist at the hospital.