Tuesday Hub at North Edinburgh Arts

It’s been the biggest ever term we’ve had of our Tuesday Hub at North Edinburgh Arts! Thanks to everyone who’s come along to share their enthusiasm and creativity this term and thanks to the brilliant team at NEA for all their support. 

We’d usually have a term of 8 or 9 sessions but we were so keen to get back while restrictions allowed that we’ve run 15 sessions this term. Before term started our biggest worry was that we wouldn’t be able to get young people back out after being locked down for so long. After only 2 weeks our biggest worry was that we wouldn’t have room for everyone who wanted to come!

There have been so many highlights. One of the big ones was meeting young people who we had been working with at the online music school in real life for the first time.

Another one was welcoming Robert back to us who came all the way through from Glasgow to see us. It’s amazing to see his progress.

It was also great to have a visit from the Scottish Culture Minister, Jenny Gilruth.

We’re really looking forward to getting started in our new venue at Muirhouse Millenium Centre next term while North Edinburgh Arts undergoes a huge refurbishment and development.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been involved this term and have a wonderful holiday!