Victoria Primary School

‘The oldest school in Edinburgh is moving across the road, we take it with us all the way, it’s not a heavy load’

This year’s songwriting project with Victoria Primary School was unusual to say the least.

When we started the project we were planning to have a Tinderbox tutor leading over Microsoft Teams to pupils on their iPads in the classroom. Sadly the school wifi wasn’t able to cope and we ended up falling back to our more familiar approach of having the tutor on the smart board in the classroom. Happily, by the end of the project, restrictions had started to lift and we were able to get into school to finish off the song, rehearse it and record it. At the last minute we spontaneously did a bit of filming to make a quick music video. Sometimes things just fall into place!

The pupils were incredibly thoughtful and creative in writing their song to commemorate the closure of current school site and the move across the road to the new building which is going to be happening very soon. Once again it shows how well the community of Newhaven keeps their heritage alive in the hearts and minds of the young people of Victoria Primary.




Tinderbox Collective worked with pupils at Victoria Primary School in Edinburgh to write and record a song to commemorate the moving of Victoria Primary school from it’s current site to a new site nearby. The school has stood on the current site for 176 years making it the oldest school in Edinburgh.

Thanks to:

The pupils at Victoria Primary School – Vocals and Songwriting

The Wee Museum – Photos and Images

Tinderbox Collective musicians –

Max Lamprecht – String Arrangement

Claire Docherty – Vocals

Erin McGonigle – Violin

Anna Fraser – Drums

Jed Milroy – Guitar

Liam Dempsey – Production