Samata Sessions

In July 2021 we started to form an international collective of musicians, artists, dancers, puppeteers and community groups, in India, Kenya, Zambia, Scotland, Jordan, Nigeria and Ireland.  We held some online gigs and showcases, writing music and making artwork together, and generally looking for ways to collaborate and bring people together through creative projects.  We plan to continue and develop this project and collaborations in the future. 


Project Elimu & Kibera Dance School

Community organisation championing after-school activities for children living in Kibera and other informal settlements in Kenya. Our programmes are for young people and by young people. The programmes are innovative, inclusive, and use participatory art-based methods.

Cell Foundation - Jagriti

Community, arts and education organisation in Kathputli Colony in Delhi, India. Kathputli Colony is a community that is home to 2000 artists, puppeteers, musicians and street performers.

Tinderbox Collective

From grass-roots youth work to award-winning music productions, Tinderbox is building a vibrant and eclectic community of young musicians and artists in Scotland.

Hadassah Louis

Hadassah Louis is an African artist who weaves words and abstract art underscoring and unravelling the theme of inequalities. She writes prose, short stories, and is currently working on her debut epic fantasy novel.

Chitrakoot Collective

Journalist collective and feminist research practice from Chitrakoot in India & beyond
Are you looking for Dhol? You are at right spot! We are team of talented, creative

Indian Wedding Rockers!

Are you looking for Dhol? You are at right spot! We are team of talented, creative & years of experienced Drummers who work with utmost sincerity and dedication!

Tareq Jundi

Award-winning Oud player, composer and music educator in Jordan.

Creative Aging International

We celebrate ageing – Isn’t it time to invest in taking care of the older you? Isn’t it time we all began to enjoy growing older? Our work transforms for the better how we view and approach aging – as individuals, as artists, as companies, as governments and as societies.

Arts in Medicine Project, Nigeria

Arts in Medicine Project aim to use diverse forms of artistic expressions to facilitate healing and hope for patients and their caregivers in healthcare centres and hospitals.

Rapala Dance Ensemble - Raden

Performing arts & theater group specialized in Kenyan traditional songs and dances. They aim to nuture, promote and express the diverse cultural heritage of the Kenyan people using songs, costumes and dances.