Howdenhall 2023

Tinderbox tutors have been providing 1-1 sessions with the pupils of Howdenhall school, in both game design & creative music making!

The game design sessions involved both physical game design, such as making a card game, and also using a variety of game design softwares including Construct 3, Twine, & Bitsy.

The music making sessions involved writing lyrics with rap as a primary focus, & using music making software such a Launchpad, Medly, & Garage Band.

Participants were encouraged to bring their own life experiences and creative ideas into all aspects of the work.

Check out all their games and music here:

• Jimmy’s Adventure:
• Shakira’s Lane:
• Three Minutes to Safety:
• The Forest:
• ¯_(ツ)_¯:



Check out a few quotes from the team: 

“I worked on the first half of this project exploring game design and interactive storytelling with two students from Howdenhall. The games took us on some wild adventures, from a forest full of speaking animals, to a jungle and desert separated by a river that seemed impossible to cross. Thanks to the students for our wonderful sessions, full of inventiveness and creativity. I had a fantastic time.” – Mel

“It is incredible to think that these workshops have had such a positive impact on the students. By
providing a safe and supportive environment for creative expression, I have seen them grow in
confidence and really start to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. It is such a privilege to
be a part of this project and I can’t wait to see what more the students can achieve in the future.” – Josh