Pop-up Games Workshops at Citadel

The folk down at Citadel Youth Centre are putting together a game that crosses over the themes of Mental Health and the Cost of Living. These themes were chosen by the young people, as issues that they want to discuss with their communities – exploring their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the matters through the medium of Game Design. 
Liam and Luci from the The Tinderbox Games Club team dropped in to two of their sessions on Monday evenings over Sept/Oct, to hear their ideas and help them manifest those through game design! By providing introductory workshops for different platforms such as Twine, Bitsy, & Construct 3, the Citadel gang have been left with the tools to take on their ideas in new ways, and explore them further. 
Citadel Youth Centre are planning to bring their game to future exhibitions, including Tinderbox showcases that celebrate games completed or in development by game designers and young people across our projects and beyond! 
The Citadel Youth Centre are a fantastic bunch! A really mature, creative, enthusiastic and thoughtful group of young people and we are all really excited to see how their game ideas develop.