Journey of a Thousand Wings off to a flying start!

The Tinderbox Orchestra had our first rehearsal last Sunday and got the musical side of this ambitious project started with a little help from Professor Nigel Osbourne, Mike Kearney and some visitors from the Transatlantico Ensemble de Folk Chileno!

Journey of a Thousand Wings 2013 culminated in a fantastic concert at the Queen's Hall. Find out more about the concert and the musicians involved here.
The day started with a little getting-to-know-each-other and thinking of ideas for the big Queen’s Hall performance- a distinct theme of pyrotechnics at some point! Nigel then had us singing and tapping out East African polyrhythms, Indian song cycles and Chinese village songs. After a biscuit or two we then split into instrumental sections and worked on composing a small motif or groove around a country specific theme.
Reformed as an orchestra again each section played their ideas and gradually Nigel expanded each country, taking us all on a musical trip around the world. Ernesto and Tomas from Transatlantico certainly took their group on direct flight to Chile! Watch a wee snippet of a video here…
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