Kelburn Review

“Another Kelburn favourite of mine is the Tinderbox Orchestra. Who we caught playing at the square stage – how to describe their sound? Imagine…an alien spacecraft hovered down, deposited an orchestra in a beam of white light, then flew off at warp speed…the orchestra start to play, music from another planet greets your ears, that’s the Tinderbox Orchestra! From what I can gather from one of their members I accosted, they are an offshoot of a community project that brings arts and culture, especially in music, to the youth, allowing opportunities for talent to flourish. Their live set is colossal, climbing, soaring melodies that builds and builds and detonates in powerful outbursts of emotional and all-encompassing peaks and rushes.Tinderbox Orchestra’s sound is inspired, progressive and downright ground-breaking, they collaborate and develop their musical quest exponentially, they are on a mission to bring the most exploratory music around, and by God they’re doing it! The Tinderbox Orchestra are a must-see musical marvel, with the most noble of causes they continue to push the envelope of orchestral music into the stratosphere, from whence it seemingly came.”

Chris Herron
New Hellfire Club Glasgow