My Brightest Diamond

First of all was our set. After a bit of a shaky start with Cas Na Caora we found our feet and dived into Aftermath and then Live Free or Die (with Toby Mottershead from The Black Diamond Express) which is always good fun, playing or watching. More, our Balkans piece, followed with its unique and exciting sound which develops as it gets faster and faster. By this time we were really enjoying ourselves and blasted out our signature tune, Bethany Lane, to bring a dramatic end to the set.

As well as playing the support set, we also played a couple of pieces with MBD – ‘Lover and a Killer’ and ‘Pressure’. These are two fantastic songs complete with clapping, ‘james bond falls’, and plenty of weird rhythms to keep us on our toes. From where we were standing they both sounded amazing and it was a great experience working with MBD. We knew we were in for a treat with the rest of the night.

Shara Worden has worked with artists including Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, so it was no surprise that her songs were unusual and spectacular. We were not disappointed – highlights of the night for me were ‘I Have Never Loved Someone’ – a hauntingly beautiful song to her son Constantine – and one song consisting purely of shakers and a thumb-piano. Amazingly it did not sacrifice on quality, being one of the most enchanting moments of the night. Worden was an absolutely captivating performer and a joy to watch as she used the whole stage to move and dance, holding the audience enthralled throughout.

Overall, we had a great time at our first gig in Glasgow – huge thanks to Regular Music and My Brightest Diamond for inviting us!

After the night we got some wonderful comments about our performance:

“Can i just congratulate you for the marvellous support slot with My Brightest Diamond at Oran Mor last week. Wonderful! … your multilayered orchestral music is right up my street and it was a delight to discover youall.”

“Fantastic gig on Thursday night, really enjoyed it.”

“I was completely blown away by the band at Oran Mor last week – it was astounding!”

“Last Thursday I had an amazing opportunity to listen to Tinderbox Orchestra before My Brightest Diamond’s concert in Oran Mor, Glasgow, and I absolutely loved the music that you do.”