Tinderbox at Meadows Festival 2015

The festival which actually had to cancel its first day due to the more frequent high winds had much more luck on its second day with blue skies and sunshine and Tinderbox had the chance to kick off some summer fun with one of the opening slots on the main Red Dog Music stage. However it soon became apparent that the clear blue skies were just a little deceiving as the wind was still very strong.

With music flying around our ears some last minute sticky tape action was needed to secure folders to stands, but even that didn’t help and as the majority of players were using whatever spare limbs available to desperately hold down music the rest either improvised the thankfully well-rehearsed set and others were furiously concentrated on not laughing at the hilarious scene that was unfolding around them.  The audience mostly unaware of the technical challenges seemed unphased by the winds and just enjoyed the festival vibe and their favourite Tinderbox tunes.

Next up on the Meadows agenda was the Frontiers gig- this was taking place just on the other side of the green.  With just a few of the usually vast Frontiers crew able to make it this was a wonderfully fun and relaxed gig. So good that even the Tinderbox players couldn’t stay away, some players joined on stage and for the finale Saxophonist Sam even took over and improvised a groovy piece in front of the growing crowd. The group played some familiar tunes from previous gigs, including Jimi Hendrix’ Fire. We were also lucky to have been joined by Emma Murray who treated us to her own lovely composition ‘Life is a Mystery’. Overall it was one of the best ways to have  enjoyed a sunny day in Edinburgh during the rain filled summer of 2015!