Creative Sessions 2015

“It’s wonderful to see so many young musicians from different backgrounds and disciplines all getting involved in new music, with Tinderbox encouraging the breaking of genre boundaries that music education can so often reinforce. The sound the orchestra make is completely unique, going way beyond what you might expect of an ‘amateur’ group, and they are not ones to stick with the ‘safe’ option, often taking on extremely challenging and complex pieces and absolutely nailing them every time!

There’s a real sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie in the orchestra, and we felt instantly welcomed the moment we arrived for our first rehearsal, nervous about how our music – and particularly the arrangements – would be received. Since then, we’ve been gradually getting to know the musicians (there are a lot of them) and have been overwhelmed by their openness, spirit, and passion for the music they play, all dedicated to making the orchestra the best it can be.

Collaborating with Tinderbox over the past few months has been an amazing opportunity for me to expand my skills as a composer and arranger, giving me a rare chance to work with a large ensemble with time to workshop ideas in a collaborative and creative environment. Our work together has inspired me to pursue bigger and bolder projects of my own (occasionally stealing a few Tbox players), and watching the orchestra rehearse and perform has shown what’s possible with a bit of hard work and determination.

Overall, our time with Tinderbox has been enlightening, inspiring, and just downright fun. Long may it continue!”