Tinderbox return to Kelburn

We’re back! Kelburn Garden Party has  been a Tinderbox highlight every year for some time now and 2015 was no different.


The rehearsals before the gig were already buzzing and had such a great atmosphere as those who had played with Tinderbox at Kelburn before ran their mouths on how great the event is every year to the new players, you could tell that anticipation was growing on all parties.

The morning of the  Tinderbox Sunday performance in the rolling fields of the castle grounds came around and an eager group of players gathered outside the Jazz Bar on a misleadingly hot day to be picked up by our trusted driver.

As we reached the Festival  grounds we were met by  the forecast torrential rain as well as  remainder of the group who had already spent the weekend enjoying the festival. Out of joy of reunion (or maybe just last minute nerves) an impromptu  rehearsal jam ensued in the only shelter we could find of the staff make-shift canteen area.

As lunch-breakers and staff members gathered to the hear what was going on the atmosphere grew and everyone felt ready to head over to the Square stage! Like every year it an amazing time was had- Tinderbox can’t wait for 2016!

Find out more about the Garden Party here.

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