Room To Play Update From Eve King

“On the morning of week 3 we were split into pairs and each pair was given a different type of microphone. We were then given 30 minutes to gather field recordings which could be looped. After lunch we built mini synthesisers in pairs, which we hooked up to light sensors. We experimented with different ways of manipulating the light and therefore manipulating the sound. As someone who has minimal experience in electrical engineering, this was a very rewarding exercise as I had never done anything like this before and was surprised at how easy it was to do. Yann gave great step by step instructions and offered assistance when ever it was needed.
Week 4 started with an activity which had been developed by the previous RoomTo Play students. We used copper tape and wires to turn trampolines into massive buttons and recorded sounds for them to make when jumped on. We then took turns jumping and creating beats. During this session we began to explore ideas for our individual projects, with much help and encouragement from Yann and Luci. They offered great suggestions for the development of my idea and showed me how to use appropriate programmes such as Max. We also made midi controllers which we controlled with touch sensors and light sensors.This activity involved coding which was a great introduction to coding for those who did not have previous experience.
On the morning of week 5, Yann asked us to write short plans for our personal projects. We then each shared our ideas to the group, brain storming together.This was a great way of developing the project ideas and was really helpful to hear the expertise of the other group members. After this we focused on learning how to use the programme Pure Data. Using Pure Data, we made a synth and a sound player. Every one got quite sucked into this and there was a great symphony of bleeps and bloops coming from everyone’s laptops for most of the day.”

-Eve King (Room To Play Artist).