Tinderbox Fringe Show

Thanks to all the players, collaborators, audience members and supporters who helped us to have a sold-out Fringe show! Every show was uniquely exciting due to our amazing cast of collaborators in the form of S!nk, Brave Little Note, Kathryn Joseph and Dawanggang. What a lineup! We have been absolutely spoiled in terms of creativity and inspiration. And to have been made so very welcome as part of the Pianodrome family meant we felt totally at home at the world’s only venue made entirely from Pianos. We’re relieved to hear that their hard work is being recognised in the form of many awards. This has been another massive step in the development of Tinderbox with many of our long term supporters saying that they’ve never heard us sound (and look!) so good. Finishing it all off with the release of our new single ‘Talking About Birds‘ was the icing on the cake. (thanks to Chris Scott for the image and Lorna Simpson for the vid)