Tinderbox Lab Autumn Workshops Series (2019)


In Autumn 2019 we brought together visual and sonic artists from across the country to our studio in Custom House, Leith.  There were a vibrant mix of disciplines and a range of creative potentials and takeaways – something suitable for every level of experience.

These workshops built on the success of our pilot workshop on Pure Data with Yann Seznec and our recent introduction to SuperCollider with Tom Mudd, which we hope to run again sometime.

Alternative Controllers and Pure Data with Ryan Scott

A workshop from Glasgow-based music technologist Ryan Scott. In this workshop, we learnt how to pair Pure Data with machine learning middleware extending musical control in exciting new ways!


Mechanical Techno with Graham Dunning

Finally, we had London-based artist and musician Graham Dunning whose unique approach to music-making, which he describes as, ‘Mechanical Techno’, involves hacking old records, building a physical sequencer triggering modular synths. In this workshop, we got the chance to build a Mechanical Techno setup and record our own inimitable dance track.

Tinderbox Lab Autumn Workshops Series (2019)

Making Things Move with Jen Sykes

Jen Sykes from Glasgow School of Art delivered a workshop involving micro-controllers, kinetic sculptures and electronics. This workshop introduced us to a range of engaging, practical methods to operate and alter the behaviour of toys, mechanics and found objects.

An Introduction to TouchDesigner with Ray Interactive

Sam and Brendan from Edinburgh-based art and design studio Ray Interactive gave an introduction to the versatile and creative visual programming environment TouchDesigner. If you ever wanted to make live-visuals for your music or enjoyed exploring jitter in Max MSP then you’ll get a lot out of TouchDesigner.