Room To Play at Edinburgh Festival of Sound 2020

“Who knew that Teviot House’s Underground Bar was actually the perfect place for an interactive exhibition room in disguise as a nightclub?

On Saturday  22nd February 2020 Tinderbox Lab took over a cave of nooks and crannies and filled it with sonic spiderwebs, soft toys eerily reminiscent of grand pianos, orchestral illustrations and electronica trampolines. We had the most amazing time showing people around the space all day and it was so amazing and inspiring to see how inventive our guests (right down to the wee ones!) were with our pieces. It got everybody really excited to get back in the lab; playing, developing and experimenting some more!”
Rhona, Room to Play & Tinderbox Lab artist

“It was such a great experience to be able to show work created at the Room To play for The Edinburgh Festival of Sound. It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying all the installations while having so much fun! There was definitely no a quiet moment!”
Dominika Jackowska – Room to Play & Lab artist

Thanks again to The Edinburgh Festival of Sound for having us along to show our Room to Play creations off! We had to a lot of fun and were inspired by all the amazing installations and art in the exhibition!