Tinderbox at Sick Kids Hospital

The Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity have been doing a campaign called “Heart of the Hospital” where they share all the good things that are going on in the hospital. We’re so busy when we’re in the wards with doing music and having fun that sometimes we forget to reflect on what we’re doing and the impact it has. They spoke to Rhys about what he’s been doing:

ECHC: We know that people are the true Heart of the Hospital.

We have been working with Tinderbox which is a diverse collective of young people, musicians, artists, youth workers and volunteers. 

Rhys is a musician who hosts sessions each week at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh, you may have seen him around the wards with his guitar and many other instruments!

These fun workshops involve singing, song-writing, learning instruments, and creating fun and enjoyable experiences for children with different conditions and needs.

Rhys said: “Music has this inherent super power where it can bring people together and create a mood. The noise of the hospital can be overwhelming so it has been amazing to see how we can use music to help create a fun, comfortable space and make a difference to a patient’s visit.

“Each session is very different: sometimes it’s with large groups in the playroom, sometimes it’s bedside jam sessions and songwriting, or a baby’s first lullaby, and sometimes it’s background music whilst kids are waking up or settling down.”

“It’s always lovely to see the young people getting involved with singing and playing music and I’m constantly inspired by how brave and strong all of the children are in the hospital!”

Your generous donations help to fund activities like music at the hospital and ensure children and young people’s lives are less interrupted by illness. 

To donate, visit: https://bit.ly/3bsACgr

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