Sights and Sounds of Isolation Collaborative Film – Project Two

Our ‘Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project’ began with the goal to create work from our simultaneously separated and collective experience. It aimed to capture all the different things that we were looking at and listening to, and what this time of isolation forced us to focus in on. We gathered images, footage and audio clips and brought these together into collaborative video and sound pieces. You can check out other videos from the project here.

The second outcome was a result of artists Sonia Killmann and Rhona Sword being inspired by this process to make a more focussed and intentional work. Drawing upon the isolating and claustrophobic effects of lockdown, they have been working together to create pieces that aim to capture a sense of more intense intimacy with the natural world that has come from current circumstances.

Created collaboratively, with Sonia first composing a soundscape from found recording and Rhona creating a moving image work in response to this, it utilised their respective disciplines of composition and visual art, and was selected to be included in the ‘Cabin Fever’ art publication.