pome (noun): a fruit consisting of a fleshy enlarged receptacle and a tough central core containing the seeds, e.g. an apple, pear, or quince.

‘Pome’ is an sonic, poetry-based online game created by Tinderbox Lab Project Manager, Luci Holland, using the game building platform ‘Construct 3’, which the Lab has been exploring over lockdown.

The idea is that you type in your own words, and once you play those and start to move those around, it triggers some sounds that were recorded with the Tinderbox Orchestra.

Have a go for yourself below!



Hit enter/return to start, and start to type your own poem or use the word prompts

Hit enter to end a word/line and trigger a new word prompt

Click and drag set words to arrange your poem and create sound

Click in the top right to save an image of your poem, or double-click to save and restart


Featuring the musical sounds of the Tinderbox Orchestra (recorded as part of another project called Gloam with Biome Collective)

Tweet me @LuciHolland – I’d love to see your poems! #pome