Humble Stay (Tinderbox Online Lyric Video)

This recording of a Tinderbox favourite ‘Humble Stay’, written and sung by the incredibly Lydia Bennett was recorded entirely during lockdown on phones and home devices by individual orchestra players while connected over Zoom, and then edited together and mixed by the talented Gary Boyle over at Slate Room Studio.

Inspired by the current limitations enforced by lockdown, Tinderbox Orchestra came together to create this lyric video by indivudally illustrating Lydia’s beautiful words and experiementing with Zoom to create a new kind of music video!



Moving Tinderbox Orchestra online came with unforeseen technical hurdles and complications, but over the summer we persevered, experimented and worked together to be able to continue playing together every week as normal.

As well as rehearsing songs, the orchestra have also been experimenting with trying out different methods of improvisation over video call. A Tinderbox rehearsal in the Jazz Bar typically involves a session of ‘Suggesture’; a method of improvising, conducted using a series of hand gestures that was developed by conductor Mike Kearney. It’s been tricky to translate into a Zoom call, but we’ve been testing out different methods (some of which we showed at our Tinderbox Livestream!)

You can check out more of what the orchestra have been up to online here!