Sights and Sounds of Isolation

Sights and Sounds of Isolation

Sights and Sounds of Isolation is a collection of all the music, artwork, films, games and poetry made by young musicians and artists in Tinderbox during the lockdown.  These are the projects that have kept us connected at this time.
A huge thanks and well done to everyone who has contributed to them and we hope you enjoy them too!

For more information on our different online projects, please click here.

Tinderbox Tuesdays

A simple chance to gather
To see old faces, sing and see each other smile.
To hear a shy soul brave a song
And glow as others dance along.
We all need this one in a while.

All our interactions
Through this same old flat-screen view.
But something’s different here,
It cuts right through.

. . .

You can read the rest of the poem here.

Symphony of a Thousand

Tinderbox worked together alongside the Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG) in an attempt to form the world’s biggest ever online band!

Together we played and sang along to the classic Beatles song, Hey Jude, and  live-streamed a performance together on Facebook for Make Music Day.

For more information please click here!

Shadows at Night

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 12.16.56

At the beginning of lockdown, we started a brand new project: Tinderbox Saturday Music School! Read more about what they’ve been up to, including new project ‘Shadows at Night’ here!


A version of the Tinderbox Classic ‘Rimo’ by Luci Holland. It was recorded entirely during lockdown on phones and home devices by individual orchestra players while connected over Zoom.

Read more about our online orchestra sessions here.

Musical Asteroids

Tinderbox Lab artist Liam Dempsey has also been using Construct 3 and the skills developed in the lab to create his own game, Musical Asteroids – have a go for yourself here!

Chase Out The Bug

Click here to see more of what the Tinderbox Lab have been up to online and to have a go of playing their new game, ‘Chase Out the Bug‘!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’
A thank you to our NHS and Front Line workers!
Read more about the project here.


Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project Three

A collaboration between the ‘Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project’ and Tinderbox Orchestra!

Read more about the piece here.

Tradition is the Exhibition

A song made by a group of young students from different ethnic backgrounds, with a deep meaning about their lives, their traditions and what is expected of them.

For more information, please click here.

Tinderbox Livestream

Bethany Lane

An online version of an old Tinderbox classic ‘Bethany Lane’, made in support of youth work and local communities.

All the footage comes from our online youth clubs, music groups and orchestras, who have been gathering to rehearse and record together online during the lockdown.

You read more about it here!

Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project One

Our ‘Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project’ gathered images, footage and audio clips and brought these together into collaborative video and sound pieces. You can watch some of the newer videos here!

Tinderbox Online Gig Highlights

You can catch the highlights from our Tinderbox Online gig below, featuring performances from young musicans and collaborators, and find more information here:

Drawing Group

The drawing group began at the beginning of lockdown as a weekly session where Tinderbox Participants could sit together virtually and get artsy, finding new ways to be creative together outside our music rehearsals. Click here to check out more of their work!

You can read about our other Tinderbox Cafes here.


Click here to read more about our incredible Tinderbox Livestream and the featured performers!

Sights and Sounds of Isolation Film Project Two

The second Sights and Sounds Film Project was created in collaboration by artists Rhona Sword and Sonia Killmann, who were inspired to create a more focussed and intentional work, and you can read more about their project here.


Composer and sound artist Luci Holland was inspired by the Lab activities to create this game titled ‘Pome’, featuring sounds recorded by the Tinderbox Orchestra.

Click here to find out more and have a go!